About Us

Together, these two organizations have formed CoxHealth MedicarePlus to offer the advantages of Medicare Advantage to residents of Southwest Missouri.

The partnership between Essence and CoxHealth MedicarePlus means that your doctors, your hospital and your insurance company are all working together around one common goal – YOU!

CoxHealth and Essence Healthcare In most cases, when you have Original Medicare or a Medicare supplement, you have to deal with a host of different insurance companies, doctors, specialists and hospitals. With too many cooks in the kitchen, things can get complicated, and you are often the one stuck sorting things out. Typically, this is the last thing you want to do when you’re trying to get well.

The unique partnership between Essence Healthcare and CoxHealth MedicarePlus eliminates all that hassle for you. Now you know that the people providing you care and your insurance company are working together with one common goal – You!