Extra Help

Low Income Subsidy Premiums for This Plan Year

Medicare provides Part D premium and cost-sharing assistance to beneficiaries who qualify for the program’s low income subsidy, also called the LIS. An enrollee’s premium will generally be lower once he or she receives extra help from Medicare, if the enrollee joins a CoxHealth MedicarePlus plan with a monthly premium.

The premiums listed are for both medical services and prescription drug benefits (Medicare Advantage-Part D plans only).

CoxHealth MedicarePlus (HMO)

Level of Extra Help Your Monthly Premium
100% $0.00
75% $0.00
50% $0.00
25% $0.00

Learn more about what information is needed to have your records immediately updated to reflect that you qualify for “extra help” (low income subsidy).

Learn more about getting extra help to pay for your prescription drug premiums and costs. Part D sponsors must provide access to Part D drugs at the correct LIS cost-sharing level when presented with evidence of LIS eligibility. Learn more about CMS’s “Best Available Evidence” (BAE) policy”.